First Impressions & Some Suggestions

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First Impressions & Some Suggestions

Post by DraneLixX » Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:45 pm

So first of all, I think the whole concept is very good, but the panel unfortunately lacks some of my opinion must have that I have listed below.
  • Multicore Selection (Assigning a cpu core to a process) maybe you can do this like this : taskset -cp <Cpu_Number> <Pid> and get thro the Users servers port the pid and then send the command
  • Min and Max Ram Assigning to a Server
  • MySQL databases for customers
  • Save Space by creating a shortcut example : I want to install on my machine Minecraft he downloads the serverfiles "minecraft.jar" in a main directory that only the panel Admin can acces "root" and for the user only link "minecraft.jar" to the Costumers Folder and the server creates in this folder his needed other files something like "Easy-Wi" Dose u can take a look on this Panel it is open Source and maybe you find something Interessting
  • Make Backup Files downloadable For the Costumer and they will be smaller while linking the Server Files "minecraft.jar" Cuz the owner of the file dont has to be the costumer itself it can be the root user and the backup will only make a backup from files that the customer owns like saves so he do not have to download gigs of files
  • Show the user all Port that are assignet to the server
so far so good i hope you implement the features in the next few updates

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Re: First Impressions & Some Suggestions

Post by William » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:30 pm

Thanks for the feedback, we have also responded to your ticket in regards to this exact topic.

For those visiting this post - some of these suggestions are already in our latest update and the rest of them we will be looking into.

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