Call of Duty 1 v1.1

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Call of Duty 1 v1.1

Post by BigBear » Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:00 pm

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<?phpxml version="1.0"?>
	<gamename>Call of Duty 1 v1.1</gamename>
	<linux_startmode><![CDATA[LD_PRELOAD=./ ./cod_lnxded +set dedicated 2 +set g_gametype sd +set net_ip {IP} +set net_port {PORT} +exec {SERVER CONFIG} +set sv_maxclients "{MAX SLOTS}" +set sv_pure "{SERVER PURE}" +exec servercmds.cfg +map_rotate]]></linux_startmode>
	<windows_startmode><![CDATA[+set dedicated 2 +set g_gametype sd +set net_ip {IP} +set net_port {PORT} +exec {SERVER CONFIG} +set sv_maxclients "{MAX SLOTS}" +set sv_pure "{SERVER PURE}" +exec servercmds.cfg +map_rotate]]></windows_startmode>
		<name>Max Slots</name>
		<option num="0">
			<name>Server Password</name>
		<option num="1">
			<name>Rcon Password</name>
		<option num="2">
			<name>Server Config</name>
		<option num="3">
		<option num="4">
			<name>Server Pure</name>
		<config num="0">
////	Server Configuration File	   ////
/////////////VCoD Servers//////////////
//////We take care of quality/////////

// Cvar to show server on xfire / Cvar zum server auf xfire zeigen (credits to Cato -
set gamename "Call of Duty"

// Server information / Server informationen
set sv_hostname "{Hostname}" // server name
sets ^3.Admin ""
sets ^3.Location "Frankfurt Am Main"
sets ^3.Distro "Debian Squeeze 6.0"
sets ^3.xFire "decept1on1337"
sets ^3.Email "[email protected]"
sets ^3.Hosting ""

// Masterserver (Do not edit)
set sv_master1 ""
set sv_master2 ""

// Welcome message / Willkommensnachricht
set scr_motd "^"
set psv_welcome_message1 "Welcome to our gameserver"
set psv_welcome_message2 "Hackers will get removed from the server"
set psv_welcome_message3 "This server is hosted by"

// Mods/Plugins (You have to install the mods/plugins first via the Addons menu in your gameserver control panel as the cvars below belong to mods/plugins.
set fix_w32 "0" // Fix weapon32 glitch	                              Mod file name= ___CoDaM_FixW32__.pk3
set scr_instantkill "0" // Instant kill(Snipers/Rifles Only)	Mod file name= ___CoDaM_1s1kHM.pk3
set scr_hitmarker "0" // Hit Marker			Mod file name= ___CoDaM_1s1kHM.pk3

// CodExtended Cvars
set x_authorize "0" // Make the server cracked. 0 is cracked and 1 is not cracked
set x_deadchat "0" // Enable deadchat like in cod1.5. 1 enabled or 0 disabled
set x_nameflood "1" // Prevent players for name spamming. 1 enabled or 0 disabled
set x_contents "-1" // Walk through the body while alive. LEAVE IT ON -1
set x_checkupdate "0" // Leave it on 0. checkupdate function is broken.
set x_nopbots "0" // Make bots on the server smarter. Leave 0 if you dont have bots on the server 1 to enable.
set x_spectator_noclip "0" // Fly through houses, walls, ground and other things as spectator. 1 enabled or 0 disabled.
set x_bannedmsg "You have been banned from the server" // This message will show on the screen of the banned player.

// Server options / Server Einstellungen
set sv_pure "{Server Pure}" // server pure 
set rconpassword "{Rcon Password}" // rcon password
set g_password "{Server Password}" // server password
set sv_privatepassword ""
set sv_privateclients ""
set sv_allowdownload "0" // Leave it on 0 to prevent rconpassword hacking
set sv_cheats "0"
set g_log ""
set g_logsync "1"
set sv_fps "20"
set sv_allowanonymous "0"
set sv_floodprotect "1"
set sv_disableclientconsole "0"
set sv_gamespy "1" // 1 = your server will be listed on gamespy 0 = your server will not be listed on gamespy

// Network options / Netzwerk-Optionen
set sv_maxrate "0"
set sv_maxping "150"
set sv_minping "0"
set sv_reconnectlimit "5"
set g_antilag "1"

// Game options / Spiel-Optionen
set g_gametype "sd"
set g_allowvote "0"
set scr_allow_vote "0"
set scr_drawfriend "1"
set scr_forcerespawn "0"
set scr_friendlyfire "0"
set scr_freelook "1"
set scr_spectateenemy "1"
set scr_teambalance "1"

// Deathmatch
set scr_dm_scorelimit "100"
set scr_dm_timelimit "60"

// Team Deathmatch
set scr_tdm_scorelimit "100"
set scr_tdm_timelimit "30"

// Behind Enemy Lines
set scr_bel_scorelimit "50"
set scr_bel_timelimit "30"
set scr_bel_alivepointtime "10"

// Retrieval
set scr_re_scorelimit "10"
set scr_re_timelimit "0"
set scr_re_graceperiod "15"
set scr_re_roundlength "4"
set scr_re_roundlimit "0"
set scr_re_showcarrier "0"

// Search and Destroy
set scr_sd_scorelimit "10"
set scr_sd_timelimit "0"
set scr_sd_graceperiod "15"
set scr_sd_roundlength "2.3"
set scr_sd_roundlimit "0"

// Headquarters
set scr_hq_scorelimit "450"
set scr_hq_timelimit "30"

// Weapons / Waffen
set scr_allow_ppsh "1"          
set scr_allow_sten "1"          
set scr_allow_thompson "1" 
set scr_allow_bar "1"
set scr_allow_m1carbine "1"
set scr_allow_m1garand "1"
set scr_allow_springfield "1"
set scr_allow_bren "1"
set scr_allow_mp40 "1"
set scr_allow_mp44 "1"
set scr_allow_kar98k "1"
set scr_allow_kar98ksniper "1"
set scr_allow_nagant "1"
set scr_allow_nagantsniper "1"
set scr_allow_panzerfaust "0"  
set scr_allow_fg42 "0"  

// Execute CoDaM Configuration
exec CoDaM.cfg
exec CoDaM_HamGoodies.cfg

// CoD rotation
set sv_maprotation "gametype sd map mp_brecourt map mp_carentan map mp_dawnville map mp_harbor
		<update num="0">
			<name><![CDATA[CoDExtended Build 10 (04/10/2014)]]></name>
			<message><![CDATA[CoDExtended Build 10 Installed successfully .]]></message>
			<description><![CDATA[CoDExtended Build 10 - Currently installed on the current and new ordered gameservers.  (This version went through our test drive and is a working stable version)]]></description>
		<update num="1">
			<name><![CDATA[CoDExtended Build 11 (06/10/2014)]]></name>
			<message><![CDATA[CoDExtended Build 11 Installed Succesfully.]]></message>
			<description><![CDATA[CoDExtended Build 11 - Fixed xstatus view and other small bug fixes. It's not necessary to upgrade to this build. (This version did not go through our test drive, use it at your own risk)]]></description>

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