[ MySQL query ]

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[ MySQL query ]

Post by colex » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:54 pm

See my query:

Code: Select all

SELECT usergames.status, usergames.ugid, games.name, iplist.ip, usergames_configoptions.value, games.files_path, usergames.port_main
FROM usergames_configoptions, games_configoptions, iplist, usergames, games
WHERE usergames.ipid = iplist.ipid
AND usergames.gid = games.gid
AND games_configoptions.gid = games.gid
AND games_configoptions.name =  "Hostname"
AND usergames_configoptions.optionid = games_configoptions.optionid
AND usergames_configoptions.ugid = usergames.ugid
ORDER BY games.name, usergames.status DESC
I want to do a join it to get only one row of another table 'usergames_graphdata' on condition that usergames_graphdata.ugid equals usergames.ugid

Can anyone help me?

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