What drug is most often used for sexual harassment

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What drug is most often used for sexual harassment

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butt plugs

п»їPetting, the sexual technique that will make you rediscover pleasure
In the era of gadgets and apps, of the most cutting-edge toys and the incessant search for new forms of pleasure, the return to the origins of sex that is the petting is a twist quite original and pleasurable.

Do you remember when you were just a teenager and you began to discover your sexuality? Probably, the first few times it was not more than a few kisses, endless hugs or rubs over the clothes. And if we told you that this may be one of the main keys of your sexual well-being? And it is that far from the infinity of possibilities of the kamasutra or the new and different sexual techniques, the back to basics that supposes the petting can be, for many, the true rediscovery of the pleasure. Forget these postures at the moment!

Petting is traditionally associated with "making love with clothes", that is, kissing and caressing so that the temperature rises without intercourse ever taking place. Today the day, however, is considered petting to all those practices that do not involve penetration, so that masturbation, rubbing or even oral sex could fall within this category.
Ok, so basically is having sex without getting to practice penetration? Yes, but maybe what makes this practice something special is the desire that if there is intercourse, you will be inhibited by it like two teenagers. From here come into play many factors that can be a trigger for monotonous sexual relations or for those who simply want to try something different. Here are four great reasons why you practice petting.
1. Safe sex We share something quite obvious: it is a way to practice safe sex. The petting can be a great idea when you do not have much confidence with your sexual partner or when you do not have a condom or any other contraceptive to use. Obviously it will prevent some unwanted pregnancy but it can also prevent some diseases that are spread through sexual intercourse.
2. Imagination to power The fact of not having to go to the point of having conventional sexual relations, will help you to stimulate your imagination in the pursuit of pleasure. Look for it with caresses, massages, whispers, hugs ... And also through masturbation or oral sex. You can do some of these erotic games or try to get excited with different postures and techniques. Here are a few (some are not worth, remember that no penetration!)
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3. The morbid of the forbidden Knowing that you can not practice penetration under any concept will, in fact, make you want to do it more than ever. It does not fail: we want what we can not have. So if you put as a condition that there is no intercourse, the next time you practice sex you will enjoy it even more. Therefore, play to leave your underwear on, for example, for a long time, and simply enjoy rubbing your bodies. Surely the next day you repeat with more intensity.
4. Return to kisses As time goes by, we usually neglect simple things in our relationship such as giving us a passionate kiss as before. Like those endless kisses that you gave yourself the first times you saw each other and were together. So we recommend you go back to it thanks to this technique and enjoy a long session of kisses in the mouth, on the neck, all over the body ... It is a way to feel the passion revive and remember how much you wanted when you met
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Dirty Dancing
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