Resinstalling The backend problem

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Resinstalling The backend problem

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Hello everyone,
I hope someone can help me quickly.
I bought another licence for my second server i also wanted to move the frontend to the new serever and just use my old one as a backend.

So i set up Frontend + backend at the new server works perfectly fine (except WebFtp but that didnt work before somehow ).
At my old server i uninstalled gsp front/backend removed all services deleted the rest of the files.
I added my old server to the frontend and just like always it ask me to download the backend to my server it give the installer my Configuration Link.
So i downloaded backend to the server and tried to install it give it the link but i got following

Output folder: D:\Gameservers\GSP-Panel
Downloading configuration...
Error downloading configuration: SendRequest Error

Any Idea on how to reslove this issue?
My Clients waiting since 2 days now to reinstall there servers which is a shame i dint think it would even take 10 minutes but iam stuck right now.

The link is working i can visit it localy and from the server needing the Configuration in the browser

both are windows servers
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