Call of Duty United Offensive

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Call of Duty United Offensive

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<?phpxml version="1.0"?>
	<gamename>Call of Duty United Offensive</gamename>
	<linux_startmode><![CDATA[./coduo_lnxded +set dedicated "2" +set g_gametype "sd" +set net_ip "{IP}" +set net_port "{PORT}" +set fs_homepath "/home/{user}/{IP}-{PORT}" +exec "{SERVER CONFIG}" +set sv_maxclients "{MAX SLOTS}" +set sv_pure "{SERVER PURE}" +set sv_punkbuster "1" +map_rotate +set developer 0]]></linux_startmode>
		<name>Max Slots</name>
		<option num="0">
		<option num="1">
			<name>Server Password</name>
		<option num="2">
			<name>Rcon Password</name>
		<option num="3">
			<name>Server Config</name>
		<option num="4">
			<name>Server Pure</name>
		<option num="5">
		<config num="0">
			<contents><![CDATA[// Public Information
set sv_hostname "{Hostname}"
sets ^3.Admin ""
//sets ^3.Location "Frankfurt"
//sets ^3.Location "Chicago"
sets ^3.xFire "decept1on1337"
sets ^3.Email "[email protected]"
sets ^3.Hosting ""
set scr_motd " - Gameserver and Voiceserver Hosting - Lag free and high quality gameservers with perfect hit registration" // this will be displayed on the server menu when clients join

// Passwords
seta rconPassword "{Rcon Password}" //RCON password
seta g_password "" //Server password
seta sv_privatePassword "" //set your private password here, works with sv_privateclients, use this to gain private slot entry through the in game browser
seta sv_privateclients "" //leave blank unless you wish to have private clients on your server.

// General Settings
seta g_gametype "sd" //Gametype: bel, dm, re, sd, tdm, hq, dom, bas, ctf
seta g_inactivity "0" // Set time before an inactive client is kicked
seta g_forceteamspectate "1"
seta g_teamkillwarn "3" // number of team kills before a warning is issued
seta g_teamkillkick "5"  // number of team kills before client is kicked
seta sv_maxRate "0" //bandwidth your server is allowing for each client. Please see other guide on how to calculate this
seta sv_minPing "0"
seta sv_maxPing "200" //max ping a client can have to connect to your server, only checked when client is joining
seta sv_pure "{Server Pure}" //pure servers, will not allow anyone to play on your server with custom pk3 files loaded into their main dir.
seta logfile "1"
seta g_log "" //what you wish to name your log file
seta scr_allow_vote "1" //Allow call voting
seta sv_allowAnonymous "0"
seta sv_allowDownload "0" //Leave it on 0 to prevent rconpassword hacking
seta sv_cheats "0"
seta sv_fps "20" //Do not change this if you dont know what it does
seta scr_drawfriend "1" //Draws a team icon over teammates
seta sv_kickbantime "6000"
seta scr_killcam "0"
seta scr_freelook "0"
seta scr_spectateenemy "1"
seta scr_teambalance "0"

// Friendly Fire
set scr_friendlyfire "2" //0 - off 1 - on 2 - reflect damage 3 - Shared

sets sv_master1 ""
sets sv_master2 ""
sets sv_master3 ""
sets sv_master4 ""
sets sv_master5 ""
sets sv_master6 ""
seta sv_gamespy "1"

//advanced settings UO

seta g_allowvotetempbanuser "0"
seta g_allowvotetempbanclient "1"
seta g_allowvotekick "0"
seta g_allowvoteclientkick "0"
seta g_allowvotegametype "0"
seta g_allowvotetypemap "0"
seta g_allowvotemap "0"
seta g_allowvotemaprotate "0"
seta g_allowvotemaprestart "0"
seta scr_shellshock "1"
seta scr_drophealth "0"
seta scr_battlerank "1"

// Weapons
set scr_allow_bar "1" //0 - disable weapon 1 - enable weapon
set scr_allow_bren "1"
set scr_allow_enfield "1"
set scr_allow_fg42 "1"
set scr_allow_kar98k "1"
set scr_allow_kar98ksniper "1"
set scr_allow_m1carbine "1"
set scr_allow_m1garand "1"
set scr_allow_mp40 "1"
set scr_allow_mp44 "1"
set scr_allow_nagant "1"
set scr_allow_nagantsniper "1"
set scr_allow_panzerfaust "1"
set scr_allow_ppsh "1"
set scr_allow_springfield "1"
set scr_allow_sten "1"
set scr_allow_thompson "1"

// weapons UO
set scr_allow_pistols "1"
set scr_allow_satchel "1"
set scr_allow_smoke "1"
set scr_allow_grenades "1"
set scr_allow_flamethrower "1"
set scr_allow_artillery "1"
set scr_allow_bazooka "1"
set scr_allow_mg34 "1"
set scr_allow_dp28 "1"
set scr_allow_mg30cal "1"
set scr_allow_gewehr43 "1"
set scr_allow_svt40 "1"

// DM
seta scr_dm_scorelimit "250" // Map score limit
seta scr_dm_timelimit "20" // Map time limit - 0 to 1440, in minutes
set scr_forcerespawn "0" //Force respawning - DM & TDM

// TDM
seta scr_tdm_scorelimit "300" // Map score limit
seta scr_tdm_timelimit "25" // time limit for your game in minutes

// SD
seta scr_sd_graceperiod "15" //Time at round start where spawning and weapon choosing is still allowed, 0 - 60 seconds
seta scr_sd_roundlength "2.3" //round length
seta scr_sd_roundlimit "5" //Max Number of round wins per map
seta scr_sd_scorelimit "0" //Map team score limit per map
seta scr_sd_timelimit "15" //Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440

// BEL
seta scr_bel_alivepointtime "10" // Number of seconds to get a point for staying alive as allied
seta scr_bel_scorelimit "50" // Map score limit
seta scr_bel_timelimit "20" // Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440

// RE
seta scr_re_graceperiod "15" // Time at round start where spawning and weapon choosing is still allowed, 0 - 60 in seconds
seta scr_re_roundlength "10" // Map round length in minutes
seta scr_re_roundlimit "5" // Max Number of round wins per map
seta scr_re_scorelimit "0" // Map score limit
seta scr_re_showcarrier "0" // Show the objective carrier on compass
seta scr_re_timelimit "15" // Map time limit, in minutes - 0 to 1440

// HQ
set scr_hq_scorelimit "200"
set scr_hq_timelimit "20"

//gametype bas (Base Assault)
set scr_bas_scorelimit "3"
set scr_bas_timelimit "20"
set scr_bas_roundlimit "4"
set scr_bas_roundlength "10"
set scr_bas_respawn_wave_time "10"
set scr_bas_startrounddelay "10"
set scr_bas_endrounddelay "5"
set scr_bas_clearscoreeachround "0"

//gametype ctf (Capture the Flag)
set scr_ctf_scorelimit "3"
set scr_ctf_timelimit "20"
set scr_ctf_roundlimit "4"
set scr_ctf_roundlength "5"
set scr_ctf_startrounddelay "10"
set scr_ctf_endrounddelay "5"
set scr_ctf_clearscoreeachround "1"
set scr_ctf_showoncompass "1"

//gametype dom (Domination)
set scr_dom_scorelimit "3"
set scr_dom_timelimit "20"
set scr_dom_roundlimit "4"
set scr_dom_roundlength "5"
set scr_dom_respawn_wave_time "10"
set scr_dom_startrounddelay "10"
set scr_dom_endrounddelay "5"
set scr_dom_clearscoreeachround "0"

//vehicle settings
set scr_allow_flak88 "1"
set scr_allow_su152 "1"
set scr_allow_elefant "1"
set scr_allow_panzeriv "1"
set scr_allow_t34 "1"
set scr_allow_sherman "1"
set scr_allow_horch "1"
set scr_allow_gaz67b "1"
set scr_allow_willyjeep "1"

// Start Punkbuster

// Map Rotation (Gametypes: bel, dm, re, sd, tdm, hq, dom, bas, ctf)
// Maps: mp_arnhem/mp_berlin/mp_cassino/mp_foy/mp_italy/mp_kharkov/mp_kursk/mp_ponyri/mp_rhinevalley/mp_sicily/mp_uo_stanjel/mp_bocage/mp_brecourt
// mp_carentan/mp_chateau/mp_dawnville/mp_depot/mp_harbor/mp_hurtgen/mp_neuville/mp_pavlov/mp_powcamp/mp_railyard/mp_rocket/mp_ship/mp_stalingrad/mp_tigertown
set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd map mp_carentan"]]></contents>
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